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Cheesemaking at Vermont TechInstitute for Applied Agriculture and Food Systems

The Institute for Applied Agriculture and Food Systems at Vermont Tech supports students, farmers and agricultural specialists with educational opportunities related to animals, plants, soils, food systems, sustainability, mechanical systems and agriculture business management.

These programs teach practical, hands-on techniques in diversified agriculture ranging from vegetable, fruit and berry production to dairy herd management to technical skills such as meat-cutting and welding. Vermont Tech is continually expanding the trainings being offered to meet agricultural workforce needs around the state.

The Institute uses a cooperative education learning model to provide programs that lead participants to high-wage, high-skill employment in the agriculture and food systems industry, and more specifically for workers eligible for training under the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program. The Institute has partnered with many organizations, government agencies and businesses around the state to provide high-quality trainings that will help strengthen the agriculture and food systems workforce of Vermont.

The Institute exists to strengthen Vermont Tech’s learning laboratory food loop, where students can see all aspects of functioning agriculture in practice on our campus, from dirt to plant to animal to food processing to dining hall, and then to waste handling, methane digester and back to dirt.

Our Short Courses range in length from one day up to three weeks in time and are taught by expert Instructors in their fields. These courses build into our Master Certificate Programs which provide a greater expanse of knowledge in the realms of Meat Cutting, Food Production, Farm Equipment Maintenance and Repair, Digester Operations, Herdsman Training, and Agriculture Business Management. The Institute offers Extended Programs in Agriculture and Food Systems topics as well at different times throughout the year.

Majors in Agriculture

The academic programs we offer at Vermont Tech reflect student interests and workforce demands in our region and beyond. Each program provides a unique, hands-on education, whether you’re pursuing a four-year degree or a certificate. Our goal is to launch our graduates into great careers with top employers.

You’ll find more information about each program below. You can also browse programs by location.

Agribusiness Management Technology, Associate of Applied Science (AAS)
Dairy Farm Management, Associate of Applied Science (AAS)
Diversified Agriculture, Bachelor of Science (BS)
Landscape Design & Sustainable Horticulture, Bachelor of Science (BS)
Landscape Design and Sustainable Horticulture, Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

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