Vermont is our Classroom

Ski, snowboard, hike, bike, paddle, explore farms and forests, and reconnect over world-class food and drink. Celebrate carrotsour abundance and plunge into our passions. We are catalysts who are changing the face of farming, food production, community agriculture, and national policy.

Dig into our farms and explore our landscapes while learning from nationally-renowned faculty and boots-on-the-ground food system entrepreneurs and advocates. Join us to live and learn in Vermont from far-reaching and diverse programs at six different schools, all with a different approach to food systems education.

A creative new generation of networked farm and forest entrepreneurs are growing Vermont-scaled companies in-state and beyond—businesses that create artisan cheeses, maple products, beer and spirits, organic seeds, vegetables, compost, grains specialty wood products, biofuels, and other value-added products. Discover the heritage of our skills and follow our trails to new careers and new ways of thinking in agriculture, science, community development, law, and policy.

Access field-based learning, cutting edge food systems research, exchange programs, and internships from the Vermont institutions of higher education that are charting the path for the new academic discipline of “food systems.”  Per capita, Vermont has more local and organic farms, Community Supported Enterprises (CSAs) and farmers markets than any other state in the country. The state is also the per capita national leader in direct sales to consumers. Just as the Vermont brand is recognized internationally as a symbol of quality, Vermont institutions of higher education are viewed as models of innovation in food systems education that have long supported these initiatives. Combined, our consortium members offer undergraduate studies in more than 20 areas in the realm of food systems.

Prepare to retool and rebuild the nation’s food system through new insights, networks, and career opportunities. Vermont’s educational institutions have played a pivotal role in Vermont’s ranking as the best among the top five states for new farmers to get their start and the nation’s leader in direct sales.These institutions have worked together and in partnership with a number of innovative partners such as the Vermont Land Trust to help create affordable land purchases, opportunities for farmers, market opportunities, innovative grant programs, and well-managed apprenticeship programs.

Live and learn in Vermont, where you can work with faculty, farmers, entrepreneurs, and policymakers on groundbreaking food concepts. Discover the future of food in Vermont, the national epicenter of innovative food systems education.